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Q: I have heard of this ball. What is the history?
The ball was originally developed by NanoDynamics and launched in 2005 as the NDMX ball. At the time, NDMX had viewed this ball as a side project and not in alignment with the company's primary objectives. Although there was a very positive reaction to the ball, and its proprietary nature seemed to resonate with the golf community, there were both price and performance issues that had to be overcome in order for it to reach its full potential. NanoDynamics was focused on other business activities and so addressing these challenges with the ball was not a priority. After NanoDynamics closed in 2009, Doug Dufaux (the original inventor) continued to work on improving the technology. OnCore was formed shortly thereafter to focus on organizing the financing, manufacturing, and marketing while Doug continued to work on the technology and design.
Q: What is unique about the product?
It is a radical new approach to the design to the golf ball that incorporates a patented hollow-metal core. This unique core concept shifts weight to the outside of the ball and changes the spin characteristics resulting in a far more accurate flight in comparison to other balls on the market that still use the same basic design and construction that was introduced over 20 years ago. In addition to the reduced hooking and slicing, putting lines are straighter.
Q: Who is the ball designed for?
The ball is intended to make the game of golf more enjoyable for everyone. Its performance enhancements will be most noticeable to non-professional golfers and our hope is that this ball can help expand the golf market by reducing some of the frustration that comes from hitting errant shots! There are plans to further improve the product so that scratch golfers and even tour professionals might find it of interest as well.
Q: Is it USGA approved?
Yes! The MA 1.0 now USGA conforming and officially approved. Click here for more info.
Q: Why will this product be a success?
The initial reactions to the NDMX ball were very positive, particularly from average golfers. The primary concerns were cost (the NDMX ball sold for $60 per dozen) and "feel" (the ball felt hard to many golfers). Both of these issues have been addressed and so we are confident that the reaction this time will be even more enthusiastic. We believe that there are a significant number of everyday golfers and people looking to pick up the game of golf who will benefit from a ball like this and find the game more enjoyable. Golf is a difficult game and the frustration can sometimes take away from the fun of the game. We want this ball to allow the player to enjoy the game for the reasons it was created in the first place. The focus should not be how you are going to get your ball out of the woods or water hazard, but rather enjoying being outside, playing a game you love and enjoying the people you are playing with (while beating your friends that don't have the OnCore golf ball).
Q: Is the technology protected?
We have three US patents already issued that cover the construction of a hollow-metal core golf ball.
Q: Where did the company name come from?
It is the hollow-metal "core" that makes this ball unique and we wanted to play on the word "encore", since this is the second act, so to speak, for the ball. From that, we derived "OnCore" and hope that it will have golfers everywhere coming back for more!
Q: What would be next for OnCore?
I think that question is one that would be discussed once we see what kind of impact the hollow-metal core ball has on the game of golf. We may see a shift in golf club construction in order to take even greater advantage of a hollow-metal core golf ball. Through the relationships with suppliers, distributors, and customers that the ball will create, we will continue to look for new and innovative golf products while establishing OnCore as a brand that you can trust to help you maintain your passion and enjoyment of the game.
Q: Are the balls available now?
The major elements of the supply chain have been established, the ball has been developed and tested, and we are beginning the process of building sales and distribution channels now. We expect to have it available through web-based and direct sales outlets in the next two to three months – in time for the 2011 golf season.
Q: Who is OnCore?
Keith Blakely- CEO
Doug Dufaux (Inventor of the hollow-metal core ball) - Director of Technology
Bret Blakely- VP Sales & Marketing
Steve Coulton- VP Finance & Administration
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